Wedding anniversary greetings

Wedding anniversary is an occasion when warm words become even more important. When the household conquers everyday life, and you need to consciously stop and appreciate each other. Dovilė Kubiliūtė helped to collect suitable words for wedding anniversary greetings for couples. Use, copy and amplify the connection.


How much has already been and how much will be.

This is what makes life so rich and unique.

If the grass looks greener elsewhere, maybe it's denser in your meadow?

Holding someone's hand is a gift

And it was given to you by the Universe.

Count the years, don't look back

The most beautiful things are around here.

Happy holiday of love!


Two is easier. Two is tastier. Abundance is easier to achieve in two. Two is more meaningful. Thank each other, appreciate and most importantly - never give up. Go around those rocks, jump over them, push them. Then look at each other's smile and everything will be fine again.

Happy life friend!


Nothing grows without rain. Without a sense of darkness, it is difficult to appreciate the happiness of light. It's the same in relationships - rain is needed to water, to mature, to grow, you as two people. And together and separately. A beautiful section has already passed, let the waiting one be just as colorful and meaningful!


Take a trip back to that memorable and so unique day. Look back on all those happy years, months, weeks and days. How much meaning has been created by your relationship, the union of the two of you. What a strong and creative force love is! So I wish that your love will always be as fresh as that first day of your love.

Congratulations to you, happy owners of the wedding anniversary!


How good it is to hold each other's hand, how nice it is to rest your head on your shoulder, how fun it is to spend days together and look into each other's eyes.

Best wishes on such a beautiful and meaningful day. Love and fellowship to you in the further journey of marriage!