Mother's Day greetings

Modern greetings on the occasion of Mother's Day created with the writer Dovile Kubiliūta. Words when it is very difficult to express a huge thank you to my mother.

For all the mothers who stand in solidarity and sometimes seem to have superpowers. Which are the true and best versions of themselves. Who are able to do their best, even in the most unfavorable circumstances, and are real shelters for their children. I love you mom.

Raising a child is the deepest experience, the stormiest waters, the widest horizons, the combination of incompatible things, sweetness and bitterness in one, the most expensive investment, the most generous return and moments that are priceless in any currency. Thank you, mom.

Thank you, mother, for everything you have done, are doing and will do for me. There are no words to express how dear you are to me and how much I appreciate all the work of your hands and heart. I feel you even when you are not around, because it is impossible not to feel such light and love as you radiate. I am very rich!