Wedding greetings

Create modern wedding greetings with the writer Dovile Kubiliūta. When you want to say what's in your heart, but it's hard to find the words. SHILTA BOX is quick to help, because a good gift without a greeting is just a thing.

Love is the engine of everything. And two people come together not to become one and look at each other, but to do many beautiful and meaningful things together, create, enjoy, grow and experience moments of happiness and sparks of life.

Have a memorable day!



The greatest success is finding each other. Fate gave you this gift, so cherish the relationship, love yourself and each other in it. Be mirrors for each other. Be a cover. Be at home. Be adventurous. This is where the journey begins!

Happy your personal love day!



Live life authentically, leave room for spontaneity, discover and invent together. And let the unpleasant moments be like spicy spices. And they are sometimes needed to create a balance to appreciate what we have.

With the beginning of a new journey!