Professional gift-wrapping training

Elevate your gift-wrapping expertise

Do you want to:

  • Increase the perceived value of your products?
  • Increase client satisfaction through added value services?
  • Generate additional revenue?
  • Position your business as a place to buy gifts?

SHILTA BOX professional gift-wrapping courses will train you staff to wrap any gift with elegance and ease. 

There are too many bad gift-wrapping stories that only frustrate your customers, devalue what's inside the gift, and cause stress to your staff. Here's an example of the £200 worth-gift my friend has received. It was wrapped professionally in a florist. This does not look like a gift worth £200.

 Poorly wrapped gift with a plastic pink bow

And this doesn't look like a gift worth £30. 

Woman holding a gift box in one hand and lifting a ribbon with another

Beautiful gift wrapping not only increases the perceived value of the gift, but delights from the first impression. It shows care and promises good things to come. It creates the unwrapping theater and make the gift anticipation last a few moments longer.

Gift wrapping is a skill that's learnt, and we spent the last 4 years wrapping thousands of gifts and teaching people and businesses how to wrap gifts professionally. Here you can see more examples of our work.


Who will benefit from the gift-wrapping course?

Any business that wants to position themselves as a gift retailer with a strong focus on quality and luxury will find this professional gift-wrapping course invaluable. 


"I would like to express sincere gratitude for the wonderful experience we had attending your gift wrapping course. It was not only an interesting and enlightening experience but also a great way to spend time, learn new things, and learn how to give a gift a special charm.

Your professionalism, willingness to share knowledge, and ability to clearly convey techniques were very valuable. I enjoyed every stage. Your passion and enthusiasm for teaching made this experience even more memorable. Furthermore, I am very pleased that we have applied our skills and the professional experience we received in our business. It really allowed us to absorb the information better and have confidence in the field of gift wrapping.

Thank you again for your work and inspiration."

Neringa Galdikiene, Founder, Holiday Land Ltd


"It was a very useful and interesting gift wrapping course. Rasa, who was leading the course, introduced us to the concept of how to do nice gift wrapping including practical tips. I highly recommend this course!

What does the gift-wrapping training entail?"

Rasa Jonusiene

What does the professional gift-wrapping training entail?

Each gift wrapping course for your staff will be personally tailored to your business and your needs. The most popular modules we teach are the following:

🌟 What tools to use to create professional gift wrapping easily?

🌟How to choose the right gift-wrapping materials and how to style them together?

🌟 Sustainable gift-wrapping options.

🌟 How to wrap a box of any size?

🌟 How to wrap items of unusual shape?

🌟 How to wrap extra large items?

🌟 How to create the unwrapping/unboxing experience?

🌟 How to tie a perfect bow every time?

🌟 How to add embellishment on the gift?

🌟 Innovative gift wrapping methods - paper pockets, origami embellishments, money wallets and more.

How much does the professional gift-wrapping training cost?

The price depends on the number of people in the group and the length of training required. The guidance cost is £100pp for a 2 hour training course, all materials included.

Want to know more?

Please get in touch with your gift-wrapping training needs and we'll send you the personalised offer.