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Everywhere is like home

Everywhere is like home

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We fill our home space with personal items that we use and cherish because they have become part of meaningful daily rituals. If we could, we would pack up the feeling of home and take it everywhere with us. Now it is already possible, you just need to have with you those long-sought and most loved products.

The gift set includes:

  • Aromatic Olverum bath oil for travel.
  • Lilywoods Body Brush.
  • 100% cotton Deco Flux towel (40x60 cm).
  • SHILTA TOUCH - a gift from us - an artistic composition of dry flowers.
  • Uniquely designed SHILTA BOX gift box in which the products are packed in tissue paper. A personal greeting is attached.


  • Olverum is a German brand that has been around since 1831. For a long time, this cult product was known only to a small circle of loyal fans in Germany, but now Olverum is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to its exclusive essential oil products that envelop you in luxurious aromas, relax the body and calm the mind. It's a luxury that once you've tried it, you won't be able to go back to anything else. The rich aroma relaxes the muscles and leaves behind a pleasant scent of essential oils. Made with natural herbal extract that revitalizes, relieves stress and has a meditative effect.

When used before bed, it will improve the quality of sleep, the unique blend of herbs will even strengthen immunity.

  • Lilywoods - UK 2016 founded a luxury brand that specializes in handmade beauty accessories, ensures the highest quality and production without animal products ( cruelty-free ). The Cactus Bristle Body Brush can be used dry or sprayed with body oil to exfoliate the skin. Its benefits are that it removes dead skin cells, tightens the skin, promotes blood circulation, removes toxins, and leaves the skin wonderfully soft. A simple tool for extraordinary results.

Usage. If you use without body oil - use before shower, if with body oil - after shower. Massage for 3-5 minutes with vertical movements from the feet moving towards the heart. Massage the abdomen clockwise. Do not press the brush.

  • DecoFlux is a Lithuanian brand that produces towels from the highest quality Egyptian cotton. The design is inspired by minimalism, soft and delicate touch. For lovers of delicacy and uniqueness.


      - Aromatinis Olverum vonios aliejus kelionėms.
      - Lilywoods kūno šepetys.
      - 100 % medvilnės Deco Flux rankšluostis (40x60 cm).
      - SHILTA TOUCH – dovana nuo mūsų - meniška sausų gėlių kompozicija.
      - Unikalaus dizaino SHILTA BOX dovanų dėžė, kurioje produktai supakuoti į šilkinį popierių. Pridedamas asmeninis sveikinimas.


      - Unikalus ir prabangus Olverum eterinių aliejų mišinys voniai.
      - Sodrus aromatas atpalaiduos raumenis ir paliks malonų eterinių aliejų kvapo šleifą pataluose.
      - Pagamintas iš natūralių žolelių ekstrakto, kuris atgaivina, nuima stresą ir net turi meditacinį poveikį.
      - Naudojant prieš miegą, pagerins miego kokybę, o unikalus žolelių mišinys netgi sustiprins imunitetą.
      - 125ml skirti 25 vonioms.

      - Kaktuso šerelių kūno šepetys Lilywoods odos šveitimui.
      - Gali būti naudojamas sausas, arba užpurškiant kūno aliejaus.
      - Pašalina negyvas odos ląsteles.
      - Stangrina odą.
      - Skatina kraujo apytaką.
      - Pašalina toksinus.
      - Palieka odą nuostabiai švelnią.
      - Paprastas įrankis stebuklingiems rezultatams.

      - Baltas DecoFlux rankšluostis.
      - Sudėtis: 100% medvilnė.
      - Puikus drėgmės sugeriamumas.
      - Minkštas audinio pluoštas.


      Į Olverum eterinių aliejų mišinį įeina šie eteriniai aliejai:
      - Sibiro eglės spyglių
      - Egzotiškosios Verbenos
      - Rozmarino
      - Kadagio
      - Levandos
      - Citrinos žievelės
      - Laimo
      - Eukalipto
      - Pelargonijos

      Lilywoods šepečio šereliai pagaminti iš kaktuso.

      DecoFlux rankšluosčio sudėtis: 100% medvilnė.


      Įpilkite pusę kamštelio (5ml) koncentruoto aromatinio Olverum aliejaus į vonią, paskirstykite rankomis, pasinerkite ir mėgaukitės.

      Lilywoods šepetys - jei naudojate be kūno aliejaus - naudokite prieš dušą, jei su kūno aliejumi - po dušo. 3-5 minutes masažuokite vertikaliais judesiais nuo kojų judėdamos link širdies. Masažuokite pilvą pagal laikrodžio rodyklę. Šepečio nespauskite.

      DecoFlux rankšluosčio priežiūra - rankšluosčius skalbti kartu su panašiomis spalvomis. Skalbti 40°C temperatūroje ar žemesnėje. Nenaudoti balinimo priemonių. Džiovinti džiovyklėje vidutinėje temperatūroje, pritaikytu režimu.


      All gift sets created by SHILTA BOX are packed in a magnetic box.

      We carefully wrap all products in tissue paper, affix a "Gift to you" sticker, add a personal greeting (write it in the comments when paying).


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      • Free pickup at SHILTA HOME in Vilnius.
      • Delivery by DPD courier (2-3 working days) – €4.95.
      • Free delivery by DPD courier (2-3 working days) when spending over €100.
      • Next day delivery (ordering before 1pm) - €15.
      • Saturday delivery by DPD courier to county centers (2+ working days required) - €7.95.
      • Delivery to a DPD post machine (the post machine is selected after order confirmation) - €3.60.
      • Delivery of VIP white gloves in Vilnius - €15.
      • Delivery of flowers in Vilnius - €15.
      • Delivery by courier to the EU countries - €23.
      • Shipping outside of the EU, please e-mail
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      Finding the right gift is harder than ever, so here are the brands we've discovered and loved from around the world. We simplify the search for good gifts, carefully pack and prepare for delivery.

      • Gold Beniuše

        The highest level! And the warmth of the service! Absolutely no competition! A lot of love and care is put into each gift! And for those who love quality, this is exactly what you are looking for in gift packaging! A big THANK YOU for making our giveaways even more meaningful!

      • Wirginia Misiukanis

        Elegant packaging, quality products and a wonderful feeling of comfort! Since I myself was impressed with this gift, now I boldly choose and send SHILTA BOX gifts to my loved ones!

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