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A luxury gift set for the "Queen" woman

A luxury gift set for the "Queen" woman

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The most luxurious gift set we have for a girlfriend, wife or woman you want to pamper in a special way. This luxurious gift will leave any woman speechless. From aromatic spa products, home fragrances and the softest slippers, we've rounded up our best here.

There is no woman who does not long in her heart to become a queen. Only for her - everything is the best, because she knows how to distinguish quality and has extremely developed taste. There's nothing better than putting a glittering queen's crown on your loved one and making them feel like they're the most beautiful in the whole wide world. Nine miles away, lagoons, seas and mountains.


- Max Benjamin aroma card French Linen Water.
- Max Benjamin home fragrance French Linen Water.
- Max Benjamin candle White Pomegranate.
- Max Benjamin car fragrance French Linen Water.
- Grown Alchemist nourishing hand cream Persian Rose, Argan Extract (65 ml).
- Moisturizing Grown Alchemist lip balm Vanilla, Watermelon.
- High quality Flokati camel and merino wool slippers Kopa.
- Aromatic Olverum bath oil, 125 ml.
- Olverum pillow spray, 50 ml.
- SHILTA TOUCH - a gift from us - an artistic composition of dry flowers.
- Uniquely designed SHILTA BOX gift box in which the products are wrapped in tissue paper. A personal greeting is attached.


- Max Benjamin aromatic French Linen Water card, which is especially suitable for keeping in the closet, car, suitcase, handbag or any other place of your choice.
- Gives off a rich aroma of white pomegranate and other fruits.
- It will emit a pleasant rich aroma for about 4 weeks.

- Romantic and cozy home fragrance French Linen Water envelops the home with tenderness.
- Placed in an elegant glass container, essential oils are released through wooden sticks that are inserted into the container.
- Each Max Benjamin fragrance diffuser is low in allergens and alcohol-free. The scents created for the range of diffusers are a complex combination of carefully selected essential oils. All fragrances have holistic properties designed to reduce stress, relax and calm the mind.
- This bright home scent is perfect for a bedroom or living room and will keep you happy for 3-4 months.
- Capacity 150 ml.

- The elegant white glass handmade 100% natural scented candle Max Benjamin White Pomegranate will decorate your space and fill it with natural and unique aromas.
- A 190 g scented candle will burn for about 40 hours.

- A delicate and romantic scent for the car - Max Benjamin French Linen Water.
- The car fragrance holder comes in the package with the French Linen Water fragrance refill.
- The body is made of chromed steel.
- The smell remains in the car for up to 4 weeks.

- Grown Alchemist intensively moisturizing and nourishing hand cream (65ml).
- Argan, grape seed, camellia and taman oils saturate the skin with moisture, strengthen the skin's protective layer, and hands become soft and smooth.
- Nourishes the skin without making it greasy.

- Grown Alchemist moisturizing lip balm: Vanilla, Watermelon with vanilla and watermelon extracts,
- Perfectly protects the skin of the lips from dryness, deeply moisturizes and gives the lips a charming shine.
- Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite lip product.
- Volume: 12 ml.

- Comfortable and luxurious Kopa slippers, whose decorative seams give the impression of a wave shape.
- 10% camel, 90% merino wool suitable for all seasons.
- Naturally lets air through and warms at the same time.

- Olverum is a unique and luxurious blend of essential oils for the bath.
- The rich aroma will relax the muscles and leave a pleasant scent of essential oils in the bed.
- Made with natural herbal extract that refreshes, de-stresses and even has a meditative effect.
- When used before bed, it will improve the quality of sleep, and the unique blend of herbs will even boost immunity.
- 125ml for 25 baths.

- Essential oil mixture sprayer Olverum for bed and room spraying.
- The natural, intoxicating and luxurious aroma relaxes the mind and body and helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.
- Winner of the Get the Gloss 2020 Beauty and Wellness Award.
- Capacity 50ml.


Max Benjamin French Linen Water fragrance notes:
- Top notes: bergamot, basil, orange, lemon.
- Middle notes: orange, jasmine, rose, rosemary, lavender.
- Base notes: musk, vanilla, amber, moss.

Max Benjamin White Pomegranate fragrance notes:
- Top notes: blackcurrant, pomegranate.
- Middle notes: lily, jasmine, rose.
- Bottom notes: light and refreshing.

- Composition of slippers: 10% camel, 90% merino wool.

The Olverum essential oil blend includes the following essential oils:
- Siberian fir needles
- Exotic Verbenas
- Rosemary
- Juniper
- Lavender
- Lemon peels
- Lyme
- Eucalyptus
- Pelargoniums


- Max Benjamin home fragrance: insert the wooden sticks into the diffuser and enjoy the aroma at home.

Using the candle:
- Light the candle carefully.
- In order for the candle to burn evenly, each time you light it, let the wax melt all the way to the walls of the container.
- Burn the candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time.
- We recommend cutting the cooled candle wick to 5mm.

- The elegant car scent holder easily attaches to the car's fan grill.
- Insert the car fragrance supplement into the holder, attach it to the desired place on the grill and enjoy a wonderful burst of freshness.
- You can adjust the intensity of the aroma by the amount of air flow blowing into the car interior.

Use of the cream:
- Apply a small amount of cream and massage well.
- Use as needed.

- Apply a small amount of Grown Alchemist Lip Balm to your finger and spread over your lips. Enjoy the pleasant feeling and beautiful look.

- Wash the slippers in wool mode, in water with a temperature of no higher than 30 degrees.
- Do not tumble dry.
- Ventilate.

- Add half a cap (5ml) of concentrated Olverum aromatic oil to the bath, distribute with your hands, immerse yourself and enjoy.

- Spray Olverum concentrated aroma 2 times in the air or directly on the bedding. Spray at a distance of 30 cm from the bedding.
- Do not spray on the face.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Do not leave the bottle in direct sunlight.


All gift sets created by SHILTA BOX are packed in a magnetic box.

We carefully wrap all products in tissue paper, affix a "Gift to you" sticker, add a personal greeting (write it in the comments when paying).


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  • Gold Beniuše

    The highest level! And the warmth of the service! Absolutely no competition! A lot of love and care is put into each gift! And for those who love quality, this is exactly what you are looking for in gift packaging! A big THANK YOU for making our giveaways even more meaningful!

  • Wirginia Misiukanis

    Elegant packaging, quality products and a wonderful feeling of comfort! Since I myself was impressed with this gift, now I boldly choose and send SHILTA BOX gifts to my loved ones!

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