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Falling star

Falling star

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Sign of the Zodiac
Make a wish, blow out the candle. Don't tell anyone, carry it in your heart and believe that the wish you made while the star was falling will come true.


- Medium white Höganäs Keramik mug (0.33l) with wooden saucer.
- Biri Newby tea according to the zodiac sign, packed in an exclusive design box decorated with Swarovski crystals (30 g).
- Olverum unique and luxurious mixture of essential oils for the bath, bottle 15 ml.
- Air plant tillandsia, which does not need soil and pots.
- Uniquely designed SHILTA BOX gift box in which the products are wrapped in tissue paper. A personal greeting is attached.


- Personalized Newby loose teas based on zodiac signs. Each box has a different, deep, aromatic taste of tea (tea weight 30 g). The boxes are decorated with real Swarovski crystals, which add even more exclusivity and charm.

- A unique and luxurious blend of Olverum essential oils for the bath. The 15ml bottle allows you to try this bath oil, or even take it with you when you travel. The rich aroma will relax the muscles and leave a pleasant scent of essential oils in the bed. Made with natural herbal extract that revitalizes, de-stresses and even has a meditative effect. When used before bed, it will improve the quality of sleep, the unique blend of herbs will even strengthen immunity.

- High-quality, stylish and tasty 0.33l Höganäs Keramik white ceramic mug. Universal size suitable for both tea and coffee. With a wooden plate that can also be used as a placemat on the table.


- Choose a tea according to your zodiac sign:

Aries - March 21 and April 19 Earthy and aromatic, a spicy black tea suitable for fiery, dynamic Aries. This is a rich blend of teas from the African continent for an adventurous day. Ingredients - black tea.

Taurus - April 20 and May 20. A refreshing black tea with a malty aftertaste, suitable for a strong, sensual Taurus. Ingredients - black tea.

Gemini - May 21 and June 20. A light, malty balanced black tea suitable for the curious, versatile Gemini. Lighter in taste than English breakfast tea, emitting a pleasant nutmeg smell. Ingredients - black tea.

Cancer - June 21 and July 22 A fruity, delicate Fujian Oolong tea with a charming orchid aroma and suitable for the extraordinary, creative Cancer. The taste is balanced, yet complex: fruity, spicy, but with a sweet note at the same time. Ingredients - Oolong tea.

Leo - July 23 and August 22 A strong, black tea suitable for a bold, self-confident Leo. It has a malty aroma with hints of walnut and molasses. Ingredients - black tea.

Virgo - August 23 and September 22. Fragrant and seductive, a sincere green tea suitable for the intelligent, sensitive Virgo. Strong and slightly smoky tea. Ingredients - green tea.

Libra - September 23 and October 22. Balanced, citrusy Earl Grey, fragrant bergamot-flavored black tea, suitable for harmonious, curious Libras. Ingredients - black tea, bergamot oil.

Scorpio - October 23 and November 21. Sweet and floral, a seductive green tea with notes of jasmine blossoms, suitable for the emotional, passionate Scorpio. Ingredients - jasmine green tea

Sagittarius - November 22 and December 21. Delicate and refreshing, aromatic lemony Ceylon black tea, suitable for the adventurous, energetic Sagittarius. Ingredients - black tea.

Capricorn - December 22. and January 19 Soft and sensual black tea with a rich Himalayan fruity nutmeg scent, suitable for a confident, caring Capricorn. Ingredients - black tea.

Aquarius - January 20 and February 18 Darjeeling tea of ​​the highest quality. A delicate, floral black tea suitable for the artistic, mysterious dreamer Aquarius. Ingredients - black tea.

Pisces - February 19 and March 20. Refreshing and balanced Sencha green tea, suitable for intuitive, intelligent Pisces. Delicate taste with hints of rice. Ingredients - green tea.

- The Olverum essential oil blend includes the following essential oils:

Siberian fir needles
Exotic Verbenas
Lemon peels


- Add half a cap (5ml) of concentrated Olverum aromatic oil to the bath, distribute with your hands, immerse yourself and enjoy.

- The cup can be washed in the dishwasher, we recommend to wipe the wooden plate with a damp cloth, to occasionally rinse it.

- Tillandsia is an easy-care plant that is common in North, Central and South America. Plants do not need soil and pots, but they do need moisture, which is absorbed by spraying them through the leaves, and light, but not direct sunlight.


All gift sets created by SHILTA BOX are packed in a magnetic box.

We carefully wrap all products in tissue paper, affix a "Gift to you" sticker, add a personal greeting (write it in the comments when paying).


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