Vestuvių dovanos. Geriausios dovanos jaunavedžiams.

Wedding gifts. The best gifts for newlyweds.

The summer season is associated not only with the sun, vacations, but also with weddings. The upcoming wedding makes not only the newlyweds and their families sweat, but also every guest of the celebration. After all, as soon as we receive an invitation to a party, we start thinking not only about what to wear, but also what to make the young people happy. In order to prevent the upcoming wedding from becoming a headache for the guests, SHILTA BOX specialists advise and share wedding gift ideas for the young!


There is no escaping it - money is still one of the most popular gifts for young people, but wedding guests often wonder what amount to give? The monetary amount should reflect your relationship, if you are very close friends or family members, the gift amount should be higher. However, this in no way means that you have to give larger sums of money than you can afford. Don't follow dumb rules like covering the cost of dinner, all of that is long forgotten! Remember that you are participating in the celebration because you are an important part of the young person's life and they wanted you to be part of their celebration.

Young people's wishes and household items

Take into account the wishes of the young people, as well as the list of gifts, find out what they would like and what kind of gift would be useful for them. In this case, you will definitely not ask for a choice of gift, but you will give what the newlyweds need.

Dishes, textiles, home accessories are wonderful gifts, but pay attention to the style and lifestyle of the couple. Give something that matches the style and color scheme of their home. Also pay attention to whether the newlyweds lived together before the wedding. If the newlyweds have been living together for some time, it means that they will probably not need necessary household items. Better choose luxurious accents for the home, like dessert spoons, a candle holder or a tray.

Gift boxes

You don't have time, but you value quality and warmth. Then contact the SHILTA BOX gift specialists. SHILTA BOX has a wide range of thoughtful and curated gift sets. Each gift box is prepared and packed with love and warmth, choosing products full of luxury and aesthetics. In the SHILTA BOX sets, you will find our own tested and tested products that are appreciated all over the world. Our goal is to create gifts that bring people together, convey warmth and love. Agree, such a gift box is a great gift for newlyweds. And together with the contents of the box, young people will create traditions and celebrate the most beautiful occasions of life. When traveling to a wedding, choose a gift box with crystal glasses, world-class champagne and a book on love languages. This is the perfect set for a new family that husband and wife will enjoy for years to come.


Give the gift of experiences and experiences that the newlyweds will embark on as husband and wife. Contribute to their history and the creation of the most beautiful memories. Maybe it's a mini trip, vacation, love of the theater or an unforgettable hot air balloon flight? Think about their interests and choose a similar type of experience.


For all wedding guests, it is important not only to choose an unforgettable gift for the young, but also to choose the right flowers. After all, flowers create a special atmosphere and give your gift additional charm. So how to choose flowers for the young?

If you find the specified flower name, color, and celebration theme in your invitation, then choosing flowers will be very easy. The most important thing is that they are fresh and nicely packed. Consider the requests of the newlyweds and if the newlyweds have asked for white flowers in the wedding invitation, do not give a bouquet of red roses or exotic flowers. These days, specified flowers often become part of the decor.

If there are no requests for flowers in the invitation and you are close family members - parents or grandparents, choose soft, pastel-colored flowers. Remember, the bouquet doesn't have to be the biggest. Choose delicate, modest and sensual bouquets.

If you are friends, the bouquet you give should reflect your character and the bond of friendship. In this case, you can choose funnier, brighter colors or more exotic flowers.

The main wedding flower is still the rose. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes and enjoy a delicate and romantic bouquet for the young.

If it is not mentioned in the invitation, but you know what flowers the newlyweds like, take this into account when choosing flowers for the wedding bouquet. Also, don't give flowers that smell pungent and strange in any way.

A professional florist will help you choose the right flowers for the newlyweds. Therefore, contact a florist who will implement your wishes in a responsible, creative and high-quality way.

Do you value quality and honesty? Do you value your time? Then contact the SHILTA BOX gift specialists who will create a gift from you that will bring you closer and remember.

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