Vestuvių dovana - pinigai. Ką reikia žinoti?

Wedding gift - money. What do you need to know?

You have received an invitation to a wedding and after choosing an outfit, arranging accommodation and transport, there is another important task - what to give? More and more young people choose to receive money instead of physical gifts. Maybe there is not much romance, but this way they have a choice of what to spend that money on - a honeymoon, home renovation or necessary/wanted things or experiences.

What do you need to know when donating money?

  1. If the couple asked for money, don't give things. Nowadays, it is common for couples to live together before the wedding and have already purchased household items. Ignoring the couple's requests, you risk giving away things you don't need, don't fit the style of the house, or simply don't have room in the house. The only exception is when you give a sentimental little thing next to the envelope. We even advise you to do so - this is how you personalize your money and give it comfort.
  2. What amount to donate? There are no rules here - consider your relationship - if the couple is close to you - the amount will be higher, if more distant - and a symbolic amount will be accepted as a gift. When donating money, be sure to set a budget and give as much as you can afford. If the wedding takes place abroad, the amount may be lower, the young people understand that such a wedding cost you a lot.
  3. How to submit money in an original way? Don't just give money in an envelope, don't forget to pay attention to the packaging. A wedding is one of the most important occasions in life, so pay proper attention to the packaging and greetings.

We share several original examples of how money was donated on the occasion of a wedding.

White roses in a box with an envelope tied on top

In this example, a mother gave money to her children - she herself chose a special box in France, in which we added sleeping roses, hidden a sensitive personal greeting and a sum of money. The box with roses is still in a place of honor - it decorates the bedroom mirror table.

Book Iconic New York

Another example relates to getting to know a couple. This couple dreamed of a trip to New York. The money was hidden in an envelope in an impressive coffee table book about New York. We know there was also a wish inside, explaining that the money is a small deposit to visit the city of dreams.

  1. Where to put the gift/envelope at the wedding? Never give gifts directly to young people - put it in a gift box or give it to witnesses or someone else in charge of the gifts. If the gift or gift idea needs an explanation, write it in a letter or postcard and attach it to the gift.
  2. If you were invited but are not attending the wedding , it is not necessary to send a gift.

Will you be giving money, but don't want to give a lazy envelope? Contact SHILTA BOX and we will pack the gift for you in an original way. Contact:

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