Valentino dienos dovana, kuri padeda įsimylėti iš naujo

A Valentine's Day gift that helps you fall in love all over again

After all, we love not only on Valentine's Day and we show attention not only once a year, but Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to stop and say "I love you" once again. Maybe it's a way to say this word not only when going out the door or going to bed, but to say it so romantically that the butterflies flutter in your stomach again.

We've already mentioned that our goal is to revive the art of gift giving, and we're starting to do that from Valentine's Day. We thought about how to show that feeling in the heart through gifts. How to get away from it BUY, BUY, BUY and really implement the gift of being sincere, romantic and just different from everything around.

A love letter - an idea appeared in my head. How wonderful - after all, lovers poured out their hearts, ignited their bodies with romantic, passionate letters. But when was the last time you wrote it? Did you write at all? If not, this is a gift that is sure to surprise and is perfect for Valentine's Day.

However, this is where most people face a problem - what should I write to accurately reflect my feelings? After all, there are no words to express such a feeling, or they simply do not fit on a piece of paper. We relied on the help of the writer Aistė Remeikienė, who created a letter that makes the legs bend again. By answering 5 questions, you will make it your own, personalize it and adapt it to your person. A short excerpt from the letter:

"I love you! More and more every day! And even though you've heard it a hundred times, each time is different. Stronger and truer. That's why the words are the same, but much more weighty and sincere."

A love letter tied with ribbon and sealed with a wax monogram

We wouldn't be SHILTA BOX if we didn't make the expression of love WOW. We print it on quality red paper. I know that handwritten would be even better, but we are not good at calligraphy, and aesthetics are very important to us. Then we tie it with a silk ribbon and glue it with a traditional wax monogram. We breathe out the letter and prepare it for delivery.

a love letter, a rose placed next to it

Thus, with Valentine's Day, we come closer to returning the art of gifts, a cozy, personalized gift that does not smell of commerce, but aims to bring people together through deep words of love.

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Super užsakiau laišką draugui gavus atrodė labai elegantiškai o tekstas tai visai neturiu žodžių net ir draugas susigraudino labai ačiū ❤️


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