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Encourage celebrating each other's successes. Why SHILTA Happy BOX appeared

What holidays do you give gifts for?

The top 2 most popular answers will not surprise you - birthdays, Christmas. But we rarely celebrate achievements that don't happen every year by themselves, but are VERY worth celebrating.

On our Instagram platform, we asked you to nominate your friends who should stop and appreciate their life's achievements. The nominations and responses were impressive:

- You built a house

- Retained the rights

- Wrote a book

- Established a business

- Left a job he didn't like

- After many failures, she had a child

These are just a few examples that you have shared. Such achievements in life are often dismissed, but this cannot be done, they should be mentioned, appreciated and celebrated. Only when you stop and see how far you have come, you strengthen your self-confidence, promote gratitude and the understanding that YOU CAN achieve what you set out to do.

So I encourage you to encourage those around you, friends, sister, mother and YOURSELF to notice such achievements and CELEBRATE them.

This was the purpose of SHILTA Happy BOX - to encourage each other to see their merits and send a surprise - a gift of motivation that will create a celebration.

SHILTA Happy BOX colorful, unseen, original and full of good energy gifts. They are personalized with a name and greeting. And their price is non-binding - a fixed price regardless of what you choose from 70+ gifts.

A woman's hand holds things - face massager, mask, eye mask, hot chocolate

It is now very easy to surprise, create a surprise and give a non-binding gift to a friend, mother or sister - order a SHILTA Happy BOX and we will deliver the gift directly to the recipient.

You can create SHILTA Happy BOX sets here.

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