Kodėl susikūrė SHILTA BOX?

Why was SHILTA BOX created?

It may sound witchy, but I've known for a long time that I want to connect life with giving. It didn't happen by itself, it happened because I saw my mother putting a lot of time and attention into gifts all the time. She decorated the gifts with balloons and flowers, and said such congratulations that everyone was silent with tears in their eyes. She also taught me that small gifts foster friendship and emotional connection - a bar of chocolate for a neighbor, a bouquet of flowers for a hairdresser, a delicious cake for a friend. All this without any expectation of getting something back, just giving and giving is good.

Memories of gifts from my childhood are deeply stuck in me. When you visit the SHILTA BOX gift house, you will see a clay cup on the table where we keep stationery items. It doesn't match the store's style at all, but it's a strong reminder of the power of gifts. I bought it for my mom in second grade for Valentine's Day. And it happened that on the way home I fell and broke it! So that you know how sad I was about it. That mug looked like the perfect gift to me, and I broke it. After all, I really won't find a better gift, and rather than leave my mother without a gift, how else can I show that I haven't forgotten and that I love her? So I spent the rest of the day gnawing, grieving, and trying to put the broken pieces back together. My mother immediately noticed that I was not myself, so she kept asking if everything was okay. I hid it all day, but lying in bed with tears I admitted that the perfect gift was spoiled. To this day, that broken cup symbolizes gifts as a love language, where effort and feeling are as important a part of the gift as the item itself.

Clay cup with hearts

We have many gift stories, but I don't know how interesting it is, but I would like to share where SHILTA BOX was born. It's been many years and many gift giving lessons and observations since that broken Valentine's Day mug that led to the founding of SHILTA BOX.

  1. We are losing the art of giving. It's a pity, but little by little, gifts become just an exchange of things. Because life is so busy, we look for ways to cut corners, choose, buy something and pack it as quickly as possible, put it under the tree or give it away. These are gifts out of necessity. Our goal is to simplify the discovery of good gifts and put the sting back into gifts through the items themselves, packaging, greetings and delivery.

  1. Choice paralysis. Have you noticed that when the menu is smaller, it is easier to choose? This happens because of choice paralysis. When there are too many choices, making a decision is much more difficult because the pressure to choose the best one is greatly reduced. After all, the restaurant offered many options, so if you choose something that disappoints, it's because you chose poorly. The blame shifts from the restaurant to you. The same thing happens with gifts - in shopping centers and on the Internet you will find thousands and thousands of possible gifts, but choosing a gift is very difficult. This is one of the most popular reasons why we put off buying gifts until the last minute and then rush to the mall to grab anything. Again with SHILTA BOX we aim to ease this situation and offer a smaller but curated selection of gifts, so whatever you choose, you won't be asking!


  1. Gifts when you can't give them yourself. Living far away, not being able to see each other on time, or any other situation where you can't be together and give a gift, you're stuck. How many times have you had to give gifts without a greeting, in plastic bags, with invoices. After receiving such a thing, it remains so - It never turns into a gift, which is especially important when you want to show attention and congratulate. I wanted to solve this problem myself. Since I don't live in Lithuania, I couldn't send a real gift to myself, so SHILTA BOX creates gifts that can be sent directly to the recipient - in a special box, with a greeting in a luxurious envelope, and the gift is hidden under tissue paper. This is how we create a feeling, and mother Rasa, who wraps the gifts, also has magical powers to add some special energy to each gift, because those who receive SHILTA BOX gifts are excited.

We can already see from our customer reviews, orders and feedback that many people have these problems. So we continue to improve, move forward and create gifts that bring us closer together.

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