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Christmas gift ideas and what do we want to get?

Prices of planned gifts

As the cold bites outside, we start thinking about the upcoming Christmas. We hope to be able to hug our loved ones and celebrate together this year. Christmas is not only tables covered with food, a shining Christmas tree, but also gifts, which often cause annual headaches. SHILTA BOX gift house surveyed 300 Lithuanians and found out what they plan to give, how much to spend and what they would like to receive. The majority of Lithuanians (60%) will spend 20-60 euros on a gift for a loved one, 20% of the survey participants are willing to spend more - up to 100 euros. The smallest part, 12% of those surveyed, plan to spend up to 20 euros on gifts.

gift boxes for the Christmas tree SHILTA BOX

The most important thing is the feeling, and the value of the gift is the last aspect

Looking further into this survey, a beautiful feature emerges: people pay far more attention to how much they spend on gifts than how much they receive gifts from others. 84% of respondents say that the feeling caused by a gift is the most important element for them, and only then is the item itself ranked as important - the gift that is received (72%).

Rasa Ziedė, co-founder of SHILTA BOX gifts, shares tips on how to create a feeling through a gift. "Pay attention to the first impression - create curiosity from the moment the gift is under the tree. You can do this through professional-looking gift wrapping, an interesting gift shape or personalization elements. Wrapping paper with your photos or imprinted initials will personalize the gift," says Rasa. The least valued indicator of a gift is the price. 49% of the respondents said that it does not matter to them at all.

a woman gives a gift

The most popular gifts for women and men

We noticed that the trend of this year's most popular gifts is already emerging. These will include home decor, accessories, cosmetics, food gifts and books. It is advised to feel free to give aromatic candles, mugs, scarves, gloves, cosmetics, perfumes and good books, because these will always be used.

Gifts most wanted by men: perfume, entertainment coupons, clothing, home decor and jewelry. The gifts that would be the most disappointing are self-development lessons (76% of the questionnaire participants would not want to receive), food products and alcoholic beverages (56%).

gift set for men - perfume and scarf

"You deserve the best" gift set

Gifts that can disappoint

Give clothes to women as gifts - almost half (45%) of the respondents would not want to receive them, but would rather choose a store gift voucher (77% would like to receive them). Donate clothes only if you know the size and the item you like. When choosing this category, do not try to surprise with your ideas, but give something that was hinted at or simply asked for. When in doubt, accessories like a cashmere or merino wool scarf or gloves will always come in handy.

gift set with gloves and hand cream

Gift set "Auksranke"

The most popular gifts for women remain classics such as perfume (9 out of 10 women would like to receive), jewelry (83%), cosmetics (76%) and home decor items (74%).

Give the best gift you can buy. Nowadays, people are overloaded with things and choose carefully what to bring into their daily life. Give a gift that will be loved and used. Pay attention to quality and user experience. When in doubt, gift vouchers are still a popular option, but be sure to warm them up during submission or you could be accused of being unoriginal and uncaring.

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