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How to wrap a gift?

Gift wrapping is a real art. You must have seen beautifully wrapped gifts in your life. They stand out, look more special and arouse great curiosity. Great packaging is very important because it creates the first impression of a gift, so when creating a gift, spend time and budget on beautiful gift wrapping.

So how to wrap a gift?

First of all, start with a gift and the right tools:

  • quality wrapping paper. You can also choose tissue paper or any material you like, but the methodology is different when using these media.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape. The most necessary element for neat gift wrapping.
  • Textile ribbon. Avoid plastic strips. They spoil the gift and look tasteless.
  • Sharp scissors for cutting paper and tape.

The easiest way is to pack a square or rectangular box. However, some rules apply here too:

  1. be sure to measure the paper before cutting. Wrap the gift with paper, add an extra 2cm and cut. Also, make sure that the gift paper is not too long on the sides, it will be much more difficult to fold. It should cover the side, but not exceed the length of the edge of the gift. The left end of the paper should be the same length on both sides of the box.
  2. Wrap the gift with paper, fold the end of it and glue it with double-sided tape on the edge. Your goal is to not see the glue line,
  3. Start gluing the sides of the gift from the bottom of the fold of the paper and then neatly folding the side corners. This will make the lower tongue look up. Use the same technique on the other side.
  4. Use the reverse criss-cross method to keep the gift standing flat and not have the ribbon sticking out of the criss-cross at the bottom of the gift.
  5. Tie a neat ribbon.
  6. Use very sharp scissors to cut the ribbon. If the material has frayed, carefully light the edge of the ribbon with a match or candle.

Add a greeting card or, if there are many gifts, a name card for the recipient. This can be done in a very original way using cards of different shapes, greenery or even molds.

Wrapping presents beautifully is definitely worth it, and if you have a few, it can even turn into a quiet and creative evening of gift wrapping.

If you want to learn more, SHILTA BOX organizes gift wrapping training, where you will learn how to wrap gifts professionally, so that your gifts always stand out. These are skills that will serve you constantly in life.

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