Kaip pasveikinti mamą, kai esi toli?

How to greet your mother when you are far away?

As Mother's Day approaches, we begin to consider how to sincerely congratulate mom. Of course, it's not only Mother's Day that you need to pay attention and gifts to your mother, but for those who forget or simply don't think about it, this day in the calendar is a great reminder to say "I love you". What to give and how to surprise mom when you are far away and you just can't bring your baked cake and flowers to her home?

1. Flowers

A classic Mother's Day gift. Perhaps flowers were one of the first gifts when you picked and created a bouquet in the nursery or meadow? If you know the flowers you love, you can even make it a tradition to send the same flowers every year! Be sure to send your flowers to a reliable company so they will be delivered and not accidentally misplaced. Never forget a sincere greeting text, this is how you add emotion.

Roses "Pink Mondial"

  1. Gifts that strengthen the connection

Think about your relationship with your mother. When you are far away, it often even becomes romantic. You can give a bracelet with all the children's birthstones or initials, or wear the same necklace together. If you are not interested in jewelry, you can even create a photo album with the most wonderful memories from a distance.

Abott Lyon Personalized Bracelet
  1. Food gifts

Non-committal gifts that won't end up on the shelves (like figurines from school days) are food products. Gift quality chocolate, special tea or order mom's favorite baked goods. You can have them delivered through food delivery apps like Bolt and Wolt, by arranging directly with the bakery, or using a concierge service.

Rooibos tea in silk pyramids
Newby Teas tea in silk pyramids
  1. For pampering

Mom is one of those people who deserves to be pampered all the time. Give a luxurious gift set with a bath oil fit for a queen, a silk scarf or a rich home fragrance. After all, mothers deserve the best in life. Add a personal greeting and wait for a responsive call.

Gift set with bath oil and green tea

Collection "Life of nature"

A luxurious gift for her

Set "For your well-groomed beauty"

  1. Experience

If the budget is tight, nothing is better than time spent together, so give the gift of a travel ticket and travel together to a city you've never been to before. In this way, you will not only provide wonderful memories for both of you, but also give the joy of waiting for the trip.

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