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Birthday gifts, how to choose them?

The gifts we buy most often are birthday gifts. It seems that when collecting gifts for the same people year after year, you already know what should please and be liked. But birthdays are coming up and finding gifts can often become the biggest headache, especially when there is so much to choose from. To make this work easier, SHILTA BOX presents a list of tips and gift ideas that will allow you to give cozy, imaginative gifts.

Follow these tips when choosing birthday gifts:

  • Think about what you know about the birthday person. Write down all the facts about his marital status, work, routine, hobbies, desires and future plans. Don't worry if you don't know the person very well, use facts you know or can usually find out.
  • Think about what emotion you want to give? This step is especially important because it's how you move from giving the item to creating the gift. Do you want to cheer up, relieve, distract, pamper? This will give the gift a tone and narrow the circle of gift choices.
  • Also think about what budget you can allocate for the gift. Don't try to squeeze as much out of your budget as possible by choosing discounted items. How would the psychological value of the gift you received change if you found it significantly discounted?
  • Another common mistake is buying a lot of trinkets to make the gift look grander. Nowadays, people have a lot of things, so we want to give something that will be appreciated and used. Choose the best quality item you can afford. Remember - the most important thing is quality, not quantity.
  • And now apply the formula:
select the fact of the birthday celebrant
what emotion you want to give
gift ideas

By applying this formula, you will narrow down the range of possible gifts, thus making choosing the right gift an easier task. After all, the more choices there are, the harder it is to make a decision. And the best part is that you choose a birthday present with the recipient in mind.

If, even after applying this formula, ideas do not arise, we can help you. With the help of SHILTA BOX gift specialists, you will find the best gift. SHILTA BOX has many well-thought-out gifts for men , women , and children , so if you can't find that unique gift for your birthday, SHILTA BOX will be happy to help you. All you have to do is contact us .

And if you have come up with a wonderful gift, make it special and unforgettable by adding an emotion. How to do it? Through the gift wrapping and greeting text. Spend time and effort on these elements. Use high-quality packaging materials: tissue paper, high-quality ribbons, delicate boxes, color-matching filler, if you really want to, use shiny details and, of course, don't forget the lovingly written postcard. Create the magic that turns a birthday present into a memorable unwrapping experience.

We hope that these sincere tips will help you when choosing birthday gifts, and in order to facilitate your search, we share gift ideas from SHLITA BOX.

Birthday gift for a man who likes to spend time at home: "Gyvenimo Vryai"

The set is suitable for even the pickiest man. In this gift, you will find brown Flokati slippers made of camel and merino wool, a luxuriously scented handmade candle by Max Benjamin, Dodici . After all, men also appreciate luxurious comfort in their fortress. The box also includes luxury cosmetics: Raw Naturals Brewing Co. shaving gel Mighty Fluffy, and aftershave balm Mr Cool. This refreshing cosmetic helps protect the skin from dryness, razor burn and redness. We will also be adding an exclusive gift - a stick of Palo Santo . It is a sacred tree from Peru that cleanses the surrounding environment, relaxes and removes bad energy. With this box, any man will create his daily rituals that will help him escape from everyday worries. 

Birthday gift for a woman who cares about beauty: "You're Shining, Maybe You're in Love?"

In the set you will find a luxurious cosmetic product : Grown Alchemist Antioxidant facial oil, which is famous for its effectiveness, improves the elasticity of the facial skin, reduces wrinkles and slows down the signs of skin aging. This gift box also includes a Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massager. It is an extremely effective anti-wrinkle, facial shaping and contouring tool, this massager also improves blood circulation and stimulates lymph drainage. What's more, the set includes a beautiful sleeping rose that will delight you for months. With this gift box, women will feel like after a day at the spa, and luxurious experiences will enchant them and let them forget about everyday worries.

Birthday gift for a dreamy girl: " Dreams in the Clouds "

This is a great gift that will make little princesses happy. The set consists of a particularly soft and loving Jellycat bunny, who is dressed in a soft tulle skirt with a pretty satin ribbon . In the gift box, you will also find a children's book " What Colors Are Bučkis" , which encourages curiosity, the joy of learning, creativity and critical thinking. The curious heroine of the fairy tale is confused - she wants to kiss, but she has never done it. Minimone's real answer comes when her mother gives her a loving kiss.

Birthday gift for a curious child: " Pen Friends "

This is a great gift that will suit any active and curious little one. The set includes a plush Jellycat dragon, which is sure to become your little one's best friend. In the gift box, you will also find the children's book "Dragon Mail", which contains five real letters. The character of the book, Alex, found a dragon in his house and doesn't know what to do. But the boy does not get lost and decides to write letters to different people. Soon, Alex receives letters with answers telling him what to do with the boy. 

Universal birthday gift for a couple: " I want to know you"

The set consists of the "I want to get to know you" communication game, where you will find questions formulated with the help of a psychotherapist, which, like a conversation guide, will invite couples to an open dialogue. In the gift box, you will also find Newby Teas Hunan green tea, which is perfect for mornings and enchants with a delicate fragrance. Newby Teas is the world's most awarded tea brand, with products found in five-star hotels, Michelin- starred restaurants and luxury boutiques. In the set you will also find a gift from SHILTA BOX - a Palo Santo stick. It is a sacred tree from Peru that cleanses the surrounding environment, relaxes and removes bad energy. Creating rituals is much easier with this box. Such a gift box will appeal to both men, women and couples.

Also, don't forget that you can complete the contents of the gift box yourself by using the "Make a Set" service. Well, if this is too difficult a task, SHILTA BOX gift specialists will help you. We will answer all the questions, give advice and create a gift set together! .

SHILTA BOX is a gift that brings people together.

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