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Gift Packaging

Have you received a gift that immediately catches your eye? Beautiful packaging is like a French dessert, pleasing to the eye and encouraging the desire to taste. The same with a gift - beautiful packaging arouses curiosity - and what's inside?

How to professionally wrap a gift that would attract attention?

Let's start with gift wrapping. You will need:

1. Gift wrapping paper.

Choose better quality wrapping paper. Cheap wrapping papers get very wrinkled and tear, so it becomes very difficult to wrap a gift. Don't spare an extra euro and choose a better one, which will save you a lot of nerves.

6 rolls of gift paper 2. Fabric strip.

Match the style of the paper and the gift. Never give a gift with a plastic band or ribbon, this instantly reduces the value of the gift. For gift wrapping, choose satin, corduroy, silk ribbons or simply rustic cords. The best place to look for such strips is a sewing store.

Wrapping papers of different colors 3. Adhesive strips.

Our favorite tapes are double sided tapes, they are not easy to find but once you find them they will last you a long time! Using double-sided adhesive tape will make the gift look very neat and professional.

Double-sided adhesive tape 4. Sharp scissors.

They are needed for cutting paper and ribbons. We like to have special gift wrapping scissors, but it's not a necessity.


If you're more advanced and want more advanced gift wrapping tips, keep an eye out for future blogs. You can also sign up for gift wrapping courses organized by SHILTA BOX. Read more about it here.

You have all the tools, you have a gift, so how do you wrap it? We share the rules for packing a rectangular box.

  • Measure the gift wrapping paper. There are several ways to do this - you can either wrap the paper around the gift to understand how much paper you need, or simply turn the box over 4 times, knowing how much paper you will need. Add an extra 2cm and cut.
  • Wrap the paper around the gift and fold the end of the paper. Use double-sided tape on the edge to hide the glue line and make the gift look seamless.
  • To make the gift look beautiful from all sides, use the reverse criss-cross method (here's a tutorial on how it looks).
  • Cut the edges of the ribbon with sharp scissors.

And voila, the gift is ready! You can also decorate the gift with a postcard, name card, dried flowers, sweets or other decorations, thereby enlivening the gift even more.

Wrapping gifts beautifully, carefully and with love is really worth it - it has even been scientifically proven that beautifully wrapped gifts are even more appreciated (article here).

Do you want beautifully wrapped gifts, but don't want to wrap them? Professional gift wrapping in Vilnius, Polocko 43c. We can pack everything here!

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