Dovanų idėjos tėčiams, kuriems nieko nereikia

Gift ideas for dads who don't need anything

The first Sunday of June is Father's Day and finally it's his turn to be congratulated, but it is often more difficult for fathers to choose a gift than for mothers. Few will appreciate a bouquet of flowers or cosmetic products. Also, dads are usually those people who say they don't need anything. So how do you congratulate a dad who has a hard time coming up with something?

  • Give practical items as gifts. Even people who do not need anything use many things in their daily life. Think about which part of your routine you want to improve and give a better, prettier or better quality version of the item you have. It can be a new bamboo toothbrush with a good toothpaste, a wonderful smelling shower gel or a new cup for your favorite coffee. It has been scientifically proven that the best gifts are not those that make a great first impression, but those that evoke pleasant sentiments in everyday life.

Höganäs Keramik mug with wooden saucer

Brown cup with a wooden spoon

  • If you are gifting an experience, arrange a date and time immediately. The biggest problem with gift experiences is that they take effort to organize, so many gift vouchers are wasted. If you choose an activity that dad will enjoy, make time for it, or even participate together, you'll kill two birds with one stone - you'll give him both substantial time together and interesting experiences.

  • Time together. This leads perfectly to another gift idea - just spend meaningful time together. Make lunch, play board games or flip through photo albums while diving into childhood memories. The most important thing is to give all your attention to dad.

  • Consider his hobbies. Maybe he's a huge car fan, likes to fish or can't stop talking about the new dog he didn't even want? By understanding your favorite activities, you are sure to find many gift options that will have added value. It is unusual to give knives as a gift in Lithuania, but a personalized professional quality chef's knife for a man who likes to work in the kitchen will be really appreciated. If you are superstitious, also add a coin to the gift so that the gift can be redeemed, dispelling negative beliefs.
  • Contact the specialists. The gift experts at SHILTA BOX have already created a number of fancy gift sets for dads who have an idea, carefully packed and ready to give. Choose the gift that your dad would like the most and write a congratulatory text, and we will take care of the rest. It is our real joy to create wonderful gifts from you and to simplify the selection of good gifts.

A set of gifts - a wallet and a car fragrance in a perfume bottle

If you have any other gift suggestions or want gift advice, please contact us - we are happy to help you.

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