Dovanų dovanojimo menas

The art of gift giving

Do you find that the holidays come one after the other, creating overwhelming pressure to buy, give, and do it all over again? With our campaign "Reviving the art of gifts" we aim to encourage you to stop and think. To think about what gifts are, why we give and how to create a real gift that touches emotionally and remembers.

Giving is good. Neurologists say that gift-giving is even equivalent to falling in love, the feeling when you win a competition or have a good workout. Giving helps to release the same happy hormones - endorphins. This leads to the fact that we often even remember the gifts we gave more than the gifts we received!

So let's analyze together what is the art of giving.

First of all, why do we give? We have been giving gifts since prehistoric times - by giving a found better berry, an interestingly shaped stone or an animal tooth, gifts were also given between tribes. This was to show hospitality, friendship, and an open heart.

The purpose of giving has not changed much even nowadays. By giving gifts, we create, strengthen connection, show respect, love and devotion. Have these goals been forgotten, or have we lost the big WHY and replaced it with a NEED? After all, there are more and more holidays, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, christenings and new dates that we didn't even celebrate before ( Valentine's Day in Lithuania started to be celebrated only in 1990 ). So it is not in vain that we are always looking for a gift for some occasion.

So how do you stop and give gifts that touch? More and more often we become practical - I ask what you want, he tells me, and I buy it and give it as a gift. In fact, even scientists prove that a gift you asked for is better than a surprise you didn't like. This is where we got stuck, because we are already afraid to take risks, because the chance that we won't hit is high. But let's stop and ask ourselves, does this simply become a barter? Does that intention remain when we give them what they asked for?

We certainly don't encourage you to tear up the gift lists and go back to grandiose surprises, but we do suggest that you stop from time to time, mark the occasions and people who are most important. And then install at least a little surprise.

That surprise can be impressive packaging - after all, you have seen the box-in-box packaging trick many times. If not, you can find it here. It doesn't replace the item, but it creates an experience, takes time, and makes gift wrapping fun!

A woman puts gift boxes

Gift wrapping can also be extra stylish - with silk ribbon, luxury paper and a name card - it's the attention you put into turning the item into a gift. For even more fun, create your own wrapping paper from photos, favorite song lyrics, and handwritten memories. This way, the gift will be unforgettable, even though it contains the sweater she asked for, but the experience will be completely different from what you would give in a shopping bag.

Don't be afraid to take risks, don't be afraid to give gifts that you don't know if you will like, but you think that they perfectly reflect your relationship, or that they would fit perfectly into that person's life. So take the chance, bring this sweet little surprise back to life.

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