Dovanos vadovams - kaip išrinkti dovaną, kuri nedulkės lentynoje?

Gifts for managers - how to choose a gift that will not gather dust on the shelf?

We often see our boss or manager more than our significant other. We go on dates with our loved ones and nurture our relationships in other ways, but how do we nurture our relationships with our bosses? We hope your manager is great and you want to show them your attention. We believe that the right gifts have the ability to bring people closer together. So how do you create a gift that will stick, be appreciated, and yet be appropriate for the person of higher rank?

When looking for a gift for your manager, think about the emotions you want to convey. We guess and sincerely hope that you want to show respect and thanks for good leadership. When creating this emotion, choose items that reflect the person's status and lifestyle. Do not give trinkets or particularly luxurious items. If you give a gift that is too small, it will be difficult for you to show respect, it will be thrown in the drawer and forgotten. And a particularly expensive gift can make you uncomfortable and oblige. It is best to choose items used in everyday life, but replacing them with a more luxurious option. In this way, the item you have chosen will be used in the routine, reminding you of you. Avoid too many intimate products unless your relationship is very close.

If the manager travels to work by car, make every morning enjoyable with quality coffee, a travel mug and the luxurious smell of the car. A quality or even personalized notebook with a solid pen will be appreciated every day when going to meetings or planning work. You can also thank them for their efforts by creating a relaxation kit - an aromatic candle, a book of poetry and evening tea will help you take a break from work and enjoy some time for yourself. Food and drink gifts are also great for Boss's Day. Non-alcoholic champagne with a bouquet of dried flowers or luxury chocolate can even be shared with the team or family members.

There are also gifts that we do not recommend. Avoid gifting clothes, as you can get stuck with both style and size differences. Don't give gifts that are difficult to care for - bonsai trees are a popular choice, but they are particularly difficult to care for, so they don't last long. Although it is very popular to give money in Lithuania, the manager should not do it. Gift vouchers or a bundle of banknotes will be both tasteless and more reminiscent of a bribe than sincere thanks and respect. Another mistake when giving a gift to the boss is trying to stand out with originality. So often one falls into the trap of a worthless gift - an engraved wooden coaster is original, but few will use it on a daily basis. Try to create originality through the presentation of the gift - packaging, greeting text or even delivery. Don't forget these details and put as much effort into them as you would into the gift itself. First impressions are very important, so give the experience a sense of mystery and unwrapping. Don't forget a sincere greeting text, that's how you stand out and create a connection. You don't really need to create big poems or poems, but sincere thanks, memories and repetition of quotes will tickle the feelings.

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