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Gifts for yourself

As the International Women's Solidarity Day approaches, we usually have one association - tulips. However, we invite you not to wait for tulips (although it is always nice to receive them), but to give yourself the gifts you want. Yes, yes and yes again! You can afford to buy a gift for yourself. It's not selfish, it's not self-overvaluation and "inflating", it's simply self-love.

I believe we are living in a revolutionary period where women are beginning to understand their value, their work and their contribution to society and their environment. There are times in the past when women have to stand by the pots and give birth to children. It is our right to choose what we want from life, if it is our own business, education, charitable activities, career ladder, or maybe the same pots and children - it is up to you, it is important that it is not chosen for you. However, I hear more and more that girls in particular are taught to GIVE, to be good and obedient from a young age. This continues even when we are women, no longer girls, but we give in a different way - our time, attention, tastier food, gifts, we drop our priorities and work to help others. How often do we stop and say THANK YOU?

We invite you to celebrate YOURSELF this International Women's Day. SHILTA BOX gifts for yourself are even more special not only because we believe 100% in the quality of our products, but also because each product is packed like a gift, so you have the pleasure of unpacking and a moment for yourself. If you write in the order comment that the gift is for yourself, we will also add a congratulatory text intended only for you, which will make the gift even more special.

So, on International Women's Day, congratulate and love yourself, because only when our cup is full, we can give more to others.

And what to give yourself - you can find suggestions in the "Gifts for yourself" collection.

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