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Gifts for women: How not to ask with gifts?

Just saying gifts for women makes you weak? Then you hit the right spot. SHILTA BOX gift specialists will advise you and guide you on the right path, so that the search for gifts for all the women in your life becomes easier than ever, and you don't have to blush when asked to choose a gift. We know very well that finding a good gift takes a lot of time and effort, but even after trying, it is not always possible to surprise a woman. We often hear when men complain that they have spent large sums of money on gifts for their chosen ones, but they remain disappointed. So what can be done to prevent this from happening?

Remember: The best gift is the one She herself asked for.

We advise you to strain your ears and listen to the woman's wishes and hints. Even better, make a list of such wishes on your phone or in a notebook, which will become an indispensable helper before all the holidays. But even without such a list, it is really possible to choose a good gift for a woman. SHILTA BOX gift specialists have many thoughtful and sophisticated gifts for women and will be happy to help you.

Mistake to avoid: Giving ambiguous gifts.

Giving away household items, household appliances, weight loss, rejuvenating products and products is not only tasteless, but can even offend a woman. It is important to mention here that you can choose these gifts only when the woman asks for it. Avoid brooms, vacuum cleaners, irons, scales, slimming teas, rejuvenating creams and similar items. Remember - She wants to be pampered during the holidays.

Golden rule: When choosing a gift, think carefully about the woman for whom you are choosing a gift, your relationship and her lifestyle and hobbies.

When considering gift ideas, think about what you know about this person. Answer the questions - what is your relationship, what is her age, what are her hobbies, what is her lifestyle, routine and what message do you want to convey through the gift? The more extensive this list is, the more gift ideas you will come up with.

If the woman is your relative, the gift can be funny or witty, reminding of certain events or experiences. Or vice versa, it can be sensual and romantic. If the woman is not that close to you, then you will be safer choosing classic style gifts, such as quality interior items (frames, cups, cloth napkins, glasses) or food gifts (sweets, coffee, tea, baked goods). It is recommended to give such gifts to mothers, aunts, and representatives of the older generation. If you are looking for a gift for a client, manager or colleague, don't give anything too personal - a luxury cosmetic product, such as hand cream , home fragrance, a scented candle, and also a coffee or tea set with stylish cups, is perfect for that.

Well, what if you are looking for a gift for your beloved? You are lucky - you know a lot about her, so the choice of gifts will be much more diverse . Think about her routine, where could you make it easier, or make it a little more special? What do you wish for Her and what gift would perfectly convey that wish? If she is constantly in a hurry, takes care of everyone around her and has no time for herself - pamper her with a Spa set or products for a morning ritual for herself with tea and a book. If Ji is rapidly climbing the career ladder, a takeaway cup of coffee , a luxurious notebook or a pen will be a pleasant surprise.

One last but very important tip: give meaning, quality and feeling.

If you have a certain budget for gifts, don't cheapen the gift, it's better to give one, but high-quality item than a lot of trifles. Create a meaning for the gift, choose gifts as a wish or a reflection of feelings - this way the gift will become even warmer. Pay special attention to the gift wrapping and don't forget the sincere greeting text. Remember - a gift is not only the item you choose, but the whole experience - handing it over, unwrapping it and enjoying it. Last tip - don't forget flowers, women adore them. If you want to surprise - choose sleeping flowers, they will not only enliven the gift, but also delight you with their beauty for months.

SHILTA BOX creates gifts that bring people together. On our page you will find carefully selected gifts that will surprise your woman with their quality and luxurious coziness. Each gift is elegantly packed, a congratulatory text is attached - all you have to do is deliver it!

And if you are looking for a particularly special gift, contact the SHILTA BOX concierge , who will create a personalized gift from products from around the world specifically for your recipient.

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