Raudonos tulpės vazoje šalia arbatos puodelio

Let's give gifts, not a to-do list

When collecting gifts, we want to give a good emotion, surprise and delight, but sometimes, without even thinking about it, we create more work for a person. We reveal the most common situations when we give gifts that cost the gift recipient time and energy.
1. Flowers
Giving flowers as gifts is very common, but we rarely think about the preparation and care required. The received flowers need to be unpacked, the tips trimmed, the leaves scraped off, the vase found, the flower food added and only then happy. You can make it easier and give flowers already in a vase. A rare wife will be offended when she finds a bouquet of flowers in a vase, she can only be happy.
A bouquet of roses in a glass vase
Roses in a Pink Floyd vase
2. Gift vouchers
A particularly popular gift in Lithuania. Giving the gift of experiences and entertainment is indeed a wonderful option, but how many times have you remembered that you haven't used a gift certificate yet? Talking to people around us and customers, we realized that this gift often causes unplanned troubles. It's a really good gift for the gift giver - it's an affordable gift that's easy to buy. If you want to give the maximum effect by giving an entertainment coupon, find out the most suitable day and time and organize the entertainment. Take care of the children, organize the transport and do everything so that the recipient of the gift does not have to move a finger, only to enjoy the gift you have given. That way it will definitely be memorable.
3. Technology
Only give technology to those who really enjoy it, or those who have requested it. In all other options, it is better to choose another gift. Many people feel intimidated by technology or already have favorite brands and accessories. Especially don't give cheap technology, cheap headphones or smart watches, pumps. This will make you happy for a short time, and then you will have to find a way to get rid of the non-working product.
4. Clothes
Just like technology, buy only when a person asks for it. You run the risk of missing the right size, style or color. The added receipt does not improve the situation much, because it creates additional work for the person - to return the wrong product and choose something else from the brand you have chosen. If you want to give a piece of clothing, it's better to choose a neutral accessory like a scarf, scarf or silk hair band.
Black modern silk scarf
Le-Scarf 100% silk scarf
Have you received gifts that were soured by extra work? Could you add to this list?
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