Moteris baltais marškiniais taiso baltą vazą, kurioje įmerktos baltos rožės, šalia - mažesnė vaza su rožėmis

A gift for mom. Gift ideas for a memorable mother's day.

Another special spring holiday is approaching, which both mothers and children (whether they are just babies or already adults) are looking forward to. It's Mother's Day. This holiday is one of the most beautiful and sensitive holidays of the year. It is filled with warmth, coziness, tenderness and love. Although it is not really necessary to give gifts on this occasion, showing attention is mandatory. And gift giving is one of the most enjoyable ways to do that. As this wonderful holiday approaches, the SHILTA BOX team shares with you gift ideas, what to give your mother on the occasion of Mother's Day.

Gifts for hobbies and interests

You know that mom starts the morning with a cup of coffee or tea? Great! Make this ritual even more enjoyable. Gift delicate and cozy cups with coasters , add quality coffee or tea, don't forget chocolate or other sweets that will ensure mom's great mood for the whole day.

Is your mother active? Then give a drinker or a reusable cup with a blanket as a gift, which is perfect for picnics or fun outings in nature.

Another way to make mom happy is to replace everyday items with more luxurious ones. It can be cosmetic products and fragrant products or even the softest slippers . Let's make simple rituals special. Even hand washing can be made more enjoyable too, give the gift of hand soap that not only smells amazing, pampers hard-working hands, but also looks stylish. Gifts that can be applied in everyday activities are the most favorite, we use such gifts every day and bring luxury to everyday life.

Creative gifts

Does your mother keep saying that she wants to update the home space? Make this dream come true, renovating your home is now quite easy, and in stores you can find a variety of products that will easily and quickly allow you to change any corner of your home. Furnish the space with comforting products - home fragrances, live plants, carpets and rugs. Such a surprise will leave mom speechless, and the result will make Her heart happy every day.

Does your mother love books? Create a book about her, add stories with memories that will add even more warmth to your gift. Having trouble creating texts? Then create a photo book with many photos, which captures only the funniest moments.

Perhaps your mother likes to be in the fresh air, and her house has a large balcony? Organize it and turn it not into a storage space, but into a cozy terrace. All you need is some outdoor furniture, light bulbs and cushions. Give even more coziness with flowers, plant a few flower pots, arrange a space where your mother can plant greens.

Delicious gifts

Make mom happy with her favorite dish or dessert. It is even better if you make it with your own hands and with all your heart. What to make, you ask? Cookies, pies, cakes, pies, buns are especially suitable for mothers who like to sweeten life. Your mom is not a dessert lover? Think about the cuisines of the world, go with your mother to any country in the world and enjoy the great food of that country. Even more, create an environment for it, take care of the decorations, set the table, the way it is done in that country, take a look at what is characteristic of the culture of the country you have chosen and believe that it will be a wonderful experience for the whole family.

 Gifts for relaxation

Perhaps your mother is not a particularly big fan of ethnic cuisine, but no mother will be able to resist this gift! They are constantly running, taking care of everyone, usually forgetting about themselves. Let's remind mothers how important it is to relax and enjoy the things they love every once in a while, and create that opportunity without leaving the house. Make a list of daily spa rituals for mom, buy products and create a pampering kit. Such a gift could include bath salts, oil, body scrub, shower gel or luxurious soap, a couple of nourishing and moisturizing face masks, hair products and tea to enjoy after the treatments. Do you have a chance to meet on this day? Then you can treat yourself to the pleasures of the spa together.

Gift boxes

You can always entrust gifts to SHILTA BOX specialists who will create emotions through wonderful gifts from you! SHILTA BOX has many well-thought-out gift sets for your mothers - each gift box is prepared and packed with love and warmth, choosing products full of quality, luxury and aesthetics. In the SHILTA BOX sets, you will find our own tested and tested products that are appreciated all over the world. Our goal is to create gifts that bring people together, convey warmth and love.


This spring festival is also inseparable from flowers. And who doesn't like flowers? Every mother will be happy to receive a bouquet of flowers. Do you know her favorite flowers? Then pamper them. Not sure? Give a classic - roses . They will suit every occasion and will make your mother feel like a Queen. If you want the flowers to please you for a long time, then choose dry flower bouquets or stabilized flowers.

Mother's Day, we are not obliged to choose gifts, choose something that is close to your mother, give warmth, love and care. Show that you listen to their wishes and dreams, fulfill them even more. Let's shower mothers with attention and love. Well, we wish every mother the most beautiful Mother's Day!

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