2023 Kalėdinių dovanų tendencijos.

2023 Christmas gift trends.

What is important to the modern giver this year?

Although gifts often seem to defy trends, because we give with the recipient in mind, they often reflect contemporary events and the macro climate. So what to give for Christmas 2023? We share 5 trends that we noticed while visiting fairs, conferences, talking to market experts and simply observing everyday life.


Not heard for the first time, but more important than ever is the focus on what and where the product is made, how it came into our hands, how much it will be used and what is its future path? More and more often, sustainability indicators no longer become the center of attention and the "trump card" pulled by companies in order to sell, which is already what customers expect from ALL products.

Organic products themselves are modernizing, their packaging is no longer reminiscent of 50-brown shades, handwritten names and jute strips. Most of the time, the packaging itself attracts attention, and only then does it become clear that the product is organic.

Solid shampoo Ethique solid shampoos. Each shampoo not only saves 3 plastic bottles, but also saves 2.7l of water. Made with natural, organic ingredients, this business is Carbon Neutral.

Nomad Noe three lamps with colored caps

Not only are Nomad Noé candles inspired by little-known historical figures and activists, but their containers are reusable, their wax is plant-based, their products are vegan, and they are produced in small quantities.

There are also many questions about gift wrapping - is it polluting or irresponsible? Nowadays, most gift wrapping paper is recyclable, and compostable paper is becoming more common and even more advanced. Imagine if you could plant a gift wrapping paper and grow a tree! Laurynas Šeškevičius from GSP Supply talks extensively about gift boxes, paper that is made from stone, thus avoiding the cutting of trees and water resources.

Gifts are placed on wrapping paper

Kinshipped gift wrapping paper is a carbon neutral company whose wrapping paper is compostable and uses vegetable dyes.


As the last few years have been full of global surprises, people are looking for escape, happiness and joy in the little things. More and more bright colors are taking over store windows, and it's not just Barbie's influence. So, when choosing gifts this year, don't be afraid to go beyond earth colors and give stylish colored gifts. Well, if you are very afraid that the colors will be too shocking, at least choose bright gift wrapping.

A woman is holding a colorful gift

SHILTA BOX gift packaging

The gift is placed on gift wrapping paper

Hutch Cassidy Gift Wrapping Paper


Most people have returned to offices, many conferences and trainings have moved from the computer screen to reality. We have never valued being together and that physical contact so much. This will also be seen in gifts - digital gifts will look colder and lazier, people will again appreciate a gift that they can touch, unwrap, smell, enjoy. Here, the entire presentation of the gift will become very important - from the packaging you choose to the way you present the gift itself.

The woman adds a card to the gift

SHILTA BOX gift packaging


This has always been true, but this year this understanding is becoming very apparent. Even when buying a gift at the last minute and giving it in a simple bag, you are communicating, but probably not what you would like. So this year, people will take their time and start choosing and wrapping gifts earlier. To have time to give a gift with intention, with history, and have time to deliver it. Here, the details become very important parts - the card, words of greeting, explanation of the gift.

Gift set with a conversation card and tea


"I want to know you" set with deep conversation cards and tea. To create an evening of meaningful conversations.

"First pancake" gift set, created by people with disabilities.


Again, people are increasingly looking for bright moments in everyday life and are not afraid to make fun of themselves, so gifts become freer, elements of humor are incorporated both in the gifts themselves and in their presentation.

Funny gift bags

Artist Twin Pines creates minimalist, funny cards and gift bags.

What other trends have you noticed and which ones will you choose when giving gifts this year?

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