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2022 Christmas gift trends

Every year, as Christmas approaches, 2 donor camps separate. The first is the one who organizes gifts in advance, the second buys gifts at the last minute. It doesn't matter which camp of givers you belong to, SHILTA BOX gift experts advise on the most desired gift trends in 2022. So if you buy gifts in advance or at the last minute, you already have a solid start!

Given the cultural, global and economic developments, it is not surprising that they are beginning to affect all aspects of life, including gifts. There will be many people whose purchasing power will weaken or whose worries about the future will make them spend more carefully and cautiously. They will look even harder for discounts, products that surprise but cost little, and maybe even try to create handmade gifts. This group of people will find it attractive to give the following gifts:

  1. FOOD PRODUCTS will be particularly attractive and a good gift. Here you can search for authentic, unseen brands or even cook and bake yourself. Consider the recipient's interests and create a gift that reflects them. It can be a do-it-yourself pizza kit with quality Italian flour, tomato paste, cheese, spices and a recipe. Or a box of French cinnamon buns or even homemade gingerbread cookies. There are really many options here, but avoid the mass market brands. Everyone wants to receive a special gift, not an assembly line product.
  2. PRACTICAL GIFTS will appeal to those who want to help and be useful. Think about your daily routine and what items you can give as a gift that will both save the recipient money and make them happy. A good hair brush, wonderful smelling hand soap, slippers, new fluffy towels will be used every day, will not cost much and will always remind you of you.

Wool slippers with open toes and no heel

Flokati slippers

  1. SMALL PLEASURES when you want to relax and pamper yourself. Give small moments of pampering. It could be a hair mask, bath oil, or tickets to a movie or play. Think about the person's interests, don't try to overdo it with originality and just give the gift of an opportunity to break away. It's important to mention here that you're giving gifts, not a to-do list, which we discussed in the previous blog post.

3 small bottles of bath oil Olverum aromatic bath oil

As the Foresigh Factory Trending 2023 report reported, there will also be a group of people who will spit on the rising prices and get stuck living in the here and now. After all, life is so short and limited, so you need to enjoy it! They will seek luxury, exclusivity and hedonism. Their gifting trends look a little different:

1. LUXURY FABRICS. Cashmere, silk, feathers, merino, alpaca wool, down, corduroy - winter classics that radiate luxury. Choose accessories from these fabrics - gloves, scarves, socks or classic sweaters. Try to look for products that do not require sizing, as this will reduce the hassle for the recipient if the size does not fit.

Black cashmere scarf Knitted, cashmere scarf

2. PERSONALIZATION. Everyone wants to be special, so personalization elements will make the gift personal and more fancy. Look for gifts with a name or initial, zodiac signs, or a personalized illustration. If you can't find the right personalized gift, create a personalized package, for example using photos as wrapping paper, name cards or decorating with your favorite plants.

Teas personalized with Swarovski zodiac signs

3. SUSTAINABILITY is a concern for most people, but these goods are often much more expensive, so unfortunately they will be treated as luxury goods. Organic products, natural toys, linen bedding and similar gifts will be desired and popular among those who like minimalism, value quality and items that leave a minimal impact on the planet.

Hand cream Grown Alchemist hand cream

When choosing a gift, the most important thing to consider is the recipient's interests, character, your relationship and the emotion you want to convey. A gift should always be like a wish, so what will you wish for this Christmas?

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